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Welcome to Grave Investments!  This website has been provided to give you more information on the products and services we offer as well as giving you information on the world of cemetery property investment.

We specialize in the sale of cemetery property investments and offer several unique options to help you get started investing in this rewarding market.  Now, before you close the page thinking that this type of investment is "morbid", we urge you to consider the following:

  • The number of cemeteries in the United States do not at present have enough grave plots to keep up with the death rate.
  • Cemeteries charge grieving families the "rack rate" for cemetery plots.  They are required by law to allow families to purchase all funeral related services ala carte which provides the opportunity to charge higher rates for individual services (such as plots).
  • Since many cemeteries are centrally located, there isn't much land around for them to expand.  Therefore cemetery real estate becomes more expensive every year.
  • According to the Federal Trade Commission, "Funerals rank among the most expensive purchases many consumers will ever make."

With this in mind, consider the positive impact that selling a cemetery plot below retail cost would have to the end consumer, not to mention the profit you make when you sell the plot for more than you purchased it for.  This is how cemetery plot investments work, and we're here to help you get started in this lucrative and rewarding investment opportunity.

Please take some time to browse our site, learn about the properties we currently have available, and examine our various financing options.  We're here to help you succeed, so feel free to contact us with any questions!